Do You Need Accurate Patent Drawing For Your U.S. Patent Application?

You are in the right place. Whether you are a Patent Attorney, a Patent Agent, or an individual in need of our service, you can depend on ASCADEX to manage your patent drawing requirement with great care, accuracy and confidentiality. ASCADEX can help you with all of the drawings needed to successfully file a Utility/Provisional and Design Patent Application. To Begin, Click The Get Started Button below and follow the Four Steps To Getting Your Patent Drawings. Thinking about filing your own Provisional Patent Application? By all means use a Patent Lawyer at ASCADEX Directory.

Your Second Option: For Only $2500 We Can:

  1. Prepare Your Drawings up to 7 Figures.
  2. Label Your Drawings.
  3. Explain Your Drawings in A Provisional Application Specification
  4. File Your Patent Application for you with the USPTO – Fee Included.

Follow the Four Steps to get started.

Please Don’t Prepare Your Own Provisional Patent Application Without This Book!

The Secrets To Avoiding Strong Drawings and Weak Patent.



Sample Drawings


Utility Patent Drawing: Around $50 To $75 Per Figure

We Can Never Be Sure How Simple Or How Difficult A Project Will Be Unless We First Review What You Have. Patent Drawing Projects Can Be As Simple As A Simple Flow Chart, Or As Complex As An Engine For A Car. It Is Always Good To Give The Patent Illustrators Accurate And Clear Informal Materials. Clear Images Or Sketches and 3D models Will Help Us Bring Out The Best In Your Invention. See Utility Drawing Video


Design Patent Drawing - From $75 Each Figure

We Need A Good 3D Model File To Work From Ex: (.Step, .Iges, .Dwg, Solidworks File etc.), Or Send Clear Photos, Accurate Sketches, Or Prototype For Review. Design Patent Drawing Is Extremely Important As The Drawing Forms The Entire Claim. Each Figure Is Examined Individually By The Patent Office. Drawing Must Show All Standard Sides Plus At Least One Perspective View In An Accurate And Consistent Manner With Proper Shading To Avoid Patent Office Rejection. We Don’t Accept All Cases However, If We Do Accept Your Case, We Stay With It Until You Get Your Patent. We Shoot For 110% Accuracy.

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