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Will You Be Preparing And Filing Your Own Provisional Patent Application? If So, Help Is Finally Here! Introducing: The Secrets To Avoiding Strong Drawings & Weak Patent.


  1. You have an invention idea.
  2. You've researched steps to filing your own provisional patent application.
  3. You are now on the right track by visiting this site and ordering your patent illustrations, or requesting information about patent drawings.
  4. We prepare a STRONG patent illustration for you that will explain your drawing well.

The fifth step is the most critical step -the task of Labelling & Explaining your drawings. Though you have a STRONG patent drawing, incorrectly labelling and explaining your drawings could lead to you filing an application with a STRONG drawing but a WEAK patent. This is something that many attorneys warned inventors about. This book is written to help you avoid that mistake.

With the use of a sample patent illustration and step by step explanation, the book guides you through the process of labelling and explaining your own drawings. Included also is a full, real-life provisional application sample to guide you through the process of completing your own project. An application prepared by someone like you.


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Will You Be Using The Services of a Patent Attorney?

The book will help you prepare your document before you meet with the attorney so that you make the attorney’s work easier.

By all mean, get the book even before you order patent illustration as it will help you get the most from the patent illustrator including topics such as these:

Table of Contents

Introduction: Visit with A Patent Illustrator

Chapter 1: Visit with A Patent Illustrator

  • Focus on Guidance Instead of Pricing
  • Develop a Strategy for Your Drawing
  • Working with A Patent Attorney
  • Seek Attorney’s Advice on Drawings
  • When Preparing Your Own Provisional Application

Chapter 2: Patent Drawing Labelling

  • Why Label Your Drawing?
  • Adding Lines and Numbers to Your Drawings
  • Help Available for Labelling Your Drawings

Chapter 3: Labelling Your Own Drawings – The Wrong Way

  • Drawing Label – Patent Attorney vs Inventors

Chapter 4: Labelling Your Own Drawings – The Right Way

  • Drawing Layout and Part Names
  • Begin with The First Figure
  • Label the Different Sides of The Drawing
  • Identifying Parts in The Next Figures
  • Make Use of Hidden Parts

Chapter 5: Labelling Your Own Drawings – The Right Way

  • Adding Reference Numbers
  • Using Number Sequence

Chapter 6: Labelling Your Own Drawings – The Right Way

  • Parts Grouping
  • Purposeful Labelling
  • Surface Labelling
  • Legend and Working Copies
  • Separate Drawing Draft with Part Names and Numbers

Chapter 7: Labelling Your Own Drawings – The Right Way

  • Labelling for Better Explanation

Chapter 8: Explaining Your Invention

  • Using the QVC & HSN Method
  • Chapter 9: The Benefit of Filing a Good Provisional
  • Application
  • First to File Policy.

Chapter 10: Sample Provisional Patent Application

Throughout the years, many inventors benefited from the valuable insight and information we gave them while preparing their patent illustrations. This book was written simply to equip inventors as they move on to the next step of preparing their patent application. With the book, they can now prepare a stronger provisional patent application when doing it themselves and are directed to honest and experienced patent attorney when they need one.


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